Note to our Clients

As many of you are aware, 360 Financial is currently enduring a transition.


At this point in time, we direct our valued Clients in need of immediate assistance to reach out to the advisor helping with your account or use one of the following points of contact:

  • For 401k assistance, please contact Rick Walsh at: 585-729-7620

  • If you have been working with Tom Crawford, please contact him directly.

  • For help with all other accounts, please contact Simon Devenish at: 585-540-1491

  • Alternatively, you can contact LPL Client Services at: 1-800-877-7210

As we set forth with a plan moving forward, please know that YOU, our client, continue to be our priority. We are here to assist you with your financial needs.


As updates are available, we will strive to communicate with you as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Your 360 Financial Team